What You Cpp is What You Get

Ruth Haephrati and I have been working on our new bookLearning C++, with the amazing team of professionals at Manning Publishing, New York, for over a year now. I am proud to announce that we have reached a huge milestone, as of Aug 30, 2022 (EST), it’s available as part of Manning Early Access Program (MEAP). Now you can get the first chapters immediately, as well as access to a forum where you can post questions and get our answers directly! Ruth and I would like to offer you an exclusive MEAP launch discount code: mlhaephrati (40% off Learning C++ in all formats), and it’s valid through September 13th at http://mng.bz/aPPX .

More chapters to come, and soon the printed version will also be available for purchase.

C++ is alive and kicking and is considered by many to be one of the most powerful and robust programming languages across all platforms. 

Learning C++ by Michael Haephrati and Ruth Haephrati

Here, at Secured Globe, Inc. we use C++ for most of our ventures, projects, and collaborations, such as our SG Revealer, a recently developed Malware Detection Engine, for Anti-Virus products, was developed in C++ and is. In this book, we take a step-by-step journey, laying out the fundamentals of the most modern C++20, and, at the same time, use a practical and simple approach, so you will not only understand the basics of C++ in theory, but you will also learn how to use your new skills in real-life projects and get your hands “dirty” writing code. We explain the “why”, not only the “how”. 

Explaining a bit about Rahumon

Our book is aimed at those with NO previous knowledge or experience with any programming language, or even knowledge in the basics of computer science. Our book is also suitable for those who have some experience in other programming languages and are new to C++.

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My script for backing up Alexa recordings

A while ago I developed a Python script for backing up Alexa‘s (Amazon Echo devices) voice recordings. Many of these recordings are just random voice recordings captured for no reason while other are commands given to Alexa. You can get the software in our web site.

I have written the following article in CodeProject.


Following a touching email I received from someone who was able to get his late mother’s recording after she passed away and thanked me, It went vital in Reddit . It broke the all times record being the highest voted post of all times!