Running up and down at Mount Royal

Mont Royal Running

Mount Royal, (Mont Royal) is a famous landmark in Montreal, Quebec. We come a lot to this lovely city, usually drive there by car from New York. One of the challenges there is running up the mountain and down back.

Running down Mount Royal

That becomes especially challenging when the temperatures drop to bellow 0 c (especially bellow -10 c), and when there is heavy snow. Not that it ever stopped me unless the snow is slippery. I have found that no low temperature should stop you from running. I once ran at -14 c. If you are well dressed there is nothing to worry about.

This time due to heavy snow, I ran “only” 7 Km.

Mont Royal Nov 2018 - 7km

After the morning run at the freezing code, there are several amazing Cafe’s in Montreal. Our favorite one is Dispatch. There is also Cafe Replica where you can get an authentic Turkish Simit and excellent coffee as well.