Running 19 Km in London

That was a very special run on April 22nd, 2019.

During a short visit to London, I just couldn’t stop… Being jet lagged from a flight from Seattle, and yet, I went running and just continued, especially as I had to get back to my Hotel… So I ran for 2:18 hours.

I jumped from running 17 Km a day to 19 Km.

Running in Seattle

Running in Seattle 19-4-2019-2

I ran 17 Km in Seattle several days in a row. This is my run on April 19th, 2019.

Our visit (driving from Portland, OR),  took place during the ongoing maintenance work, so anyone running had to take several detours. The kind construction workers not only pointed each runner to the detour and stopped traffic to keep the safety of the runners, but also greeted me on my way to Elliot Bay Marina and upon returning back (“good to have you back, sir”). So thank you Seattle Building and Construction.

Here is my Facebook post from that time:

Running in Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon is a very special town. We have been there 3 times already. This was our 3rd time and we stayed several days, on our way to Seattle.

Porland running

I managed to run no less than 17 Km ! We ran at the right hand side of the Willamette River and then towards Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge.