Running the “Loop” (New York, Central Park)

After Chicago and a short break in Pittsburgh, PA, we returned back to New York. Next morning went to our daily routine which is doing the “Loop“.

The Loop sums up to 10 Km.

We like to shop at JackRabbit, in Colombus Circle, where there is a huge map of the loop.

The loop

Running in Bismarck, ND

While visiting Montana and South Dakota, we did not go running for various reasons.


Then, we drove up to North Dakota.


In North Dakota’s capital, Bismarck, there was a nice route next to the river and we went jogging early morning in -4 degrees freezing cold and slippery snow.

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Running in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Running in Oklahoma City was quite strange. I was almost the only runner there. It was really cold but very interesting. This is our 2nd visit in Oklahoma City and we love this city and the special Museum Hotel we like to stay in.

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Running in Tampa, Florida


Tampa Florida is an amazing city. After being it Miami several times, it was a great surprise to discover Tampa. When it comes to jogging, there is a long route by the water and that was just great.

Running in Charleston, SC

I remembered the last time I went for a long jogging in Charleston, 2 years ago, as a very special experience and wanted to do it again. Last time it took me time to find a best place to run and this time we just started there.


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